Multi-Nozzle Biopolymer Deposition for Freeform Fabrication of Tissue Constructs

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Khalil, S.
Nam, J.
Darling, A.
Sun, W.

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Advanced freeform fabrication techniques have been recently used for the construction of tissue scaffolds because of the process repeatability and capability of high accuracy in fabrication resolution at the macro and micro scales. Among many applicable tissue scaffolding materials, polymeric materials have unique properties in terms of the biocompatibility and degradation, and have thus been widely utilized in tissue engineering applications. Hydrogels, such as alginate, has been one of the most important polymer scaffolding materials because of its biocompatibility and internal structure similarity to that of the extracellular matrix of many tissues, and its relatively moderate processing. Three-dimensional deposition has been an entreating freeform fabrication method of biopolymer and particularly hydrogel scaffolds because of its readiness to deposit fluids at ambient temperatures. This paper presents a recent development of biopolymer deposition based freeform fabrication for 3-diemnsinal tissue scaffolds. The system configuration of multi-nozzles used in the deposition of sodium alginate solutions and Poly-?- Caprolactone (PCL) are described. Studies on polymer deposition feasibility and structural formability are conducted, and the preliminary results are presented.


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