(Vol. 02, 1999-12) A Reevaluation of the Mexican Species of Glandularia (Verbenaceae)

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Turner, Billie L.

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Umber (1979) provided a brief overview of Glandularia for North America. In this treatment he recognized 21 taxa as occurring in Mexico (excluding the widely cultivated G. pulchella), 19 species, with two of these (G. bipinnatifida and G. elegans) possessing varietal categories. From among these I can recognize only 15 species G. amoena, G. bajacalifornica (including G. shrevei), G. bipinnatifida (including 3 varieties), G. brachyrhynchos, G. delticola, G. elegans (without designated varieties), G. gooddingii, G. lilacina, G. polyantha, G. pumila, G. quadrangulata (including G. racemosa and G. verecunda , these believed to be forms having nutlets without apical appendages), G. teucriifolia (including G. rinconensis), G. tumidula, and G. turneri Nesom, the latter described after Umber's treatment. Additionally, one new species from southern Nuevo Leon and closely adjacent Zacatecas, G. alejandrana B. L. Turner, is proposed and illustrated. A key to all of the species is provided, along with maps showing their distributions.


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