Dream work as a decolonial tool : embodied archives and diasporic Central American art in Los Angeles




Rodríguez, Jennyfer A.

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In accordance with Indigenous epistemologies, I map out the concept of what I call dream work, its transborder and intergenerational defiance, as well as its implications for interweaving Central American embodied archives. In this thesis, I weave in my own narrative with those whose work seek to honor their embodied ancestral knowledge and reimagine liberated futures outside of Western conceptions of knowing and belonging. I embody and write about the complexities of community-building, transborder narratives, and intergenerational healing that are often left out of the topic of Central America. This process is accomplished by critically engaging with the counternarratives in the creative expressions of artists—such as Beatriz Cortez, Kiara Machado, Rebeca Lane, and Janel Pineda—and how they navigate and challenge their Central American identities.


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