Influences of protocol changes in ERCOT on ancillary services and wind integration

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Dong, Yingzhang

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Wind energy has been playing an increasingly significant role in today’s world, and requirements for more wind integration challenges the existing electricity structure and market. ERCOT, for example, has installed significantly more wind generation in the last few years. Facts have shown that adjustments of related protocols in ERCOT market are able to contribute to better integration of ancillary services and integration of wind energy. Particularly, regulation is of most interest in the short term regarding wind generation. This report studies the impact of the changes of rules in the aspect of ancillary services and wind integration. The work will document and evaluate several protocol adjustments, in order to better understand the influence of these protocol changes. Statistical, analytical methods are used and physical models developed to achieve the goal of this thesis. These results can be a resource for other markets to facilitate wind integration by forming similar protocol changes. As for the structure of this paper, firstly, there is a brief review of background knowledge of ERCOT market; then several protocol changes are introduced and evaluated -- among all the changes, the most significant one is the zonal-nodal change, which is paid most attention to in the following steps; after that, the wind integration capacity as well as the output before and after the policy change is examined with discussion involving ancillary services.


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