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The Orinoco Delta Bibliography is the outcome of a project aimed at describing the geoenvironmental characteristics of the Orinoco Delta. Funding for this project is provided by Petr6leos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), through Desarrollo Arm6nico de Oriente (DAO). The initial compilation was initiated by staff of the Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas at Austin, with support from DAO, and was primarily conducted by Drs. Susan D. Hovorka and Edgar H. Guevara. This document is dynamic, as we intend to release subsequent versions as we become aware of additional references that should be included. We are committed to compiling references to all available literature related to the natural history of the Orinoco Delta.

We hope that you will find this initial bibliography valuable and that you will collaborate with us to enhance its comprehensiveness. If you have knowledge of the Orinoco Delta or the surrounding region, you may be aware of additional references that should be incorporated. Please send any comments, corrections, or additional references to either of the authors at the Bureau of Economic Geology. Additionally, if possible, we would appreciate a list of keywords and the name of the institution or library where the reference may be obtained.


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