Advanced Induction Motor End Ring Design Features for High Speed Applications

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Caprio, M.T.
Lelos, V.
Herbst, J.D.
Upshaw, J.L.

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This paper presents advancements in induction motor endring design to overcome mechanical limitations and extend the operating speed range and joint reliability of induction machines. A novel endring design met the challenging mechanical requirements of this high speed, high temperature, power dense application, without compromising electrical performance. Analysis is presented of the advanced endring design features including a non uniform cross section, hoop stress relief cuts, and an integrated joint boss, which reduced critical stress concentrations, allowing operation under a broad speed and temperature design range. A generalized treatment of this design approach is presented comparing the concept results to conventional design techniques. Additionally, a low temperature joining process of the bar/end ring connection is discussed that provides the required joint strength without compromising the mechanical strength of the age hardened parent metals. A description of a prototype 2 MW, 15,000 rpm flywheel motor generator embodying this technology is presented


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M.T. Caprio, V. Lelos, J.D. Herbst, and J.L. Upshaw, “Advanced induction motor end ring design features for high speed applications,” IEMDC 2005, San Antonio, Texas, May 15-18, 2005.