Dynamic Defect Detection in Additively Manufactured Parts using FEA Simulation

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Johnson, Kevin
Allen, Aimee
Blough, Jason
Barnard, Andrew
Labyak, David
Hartwig, Troy
Brown, Ben
Soine, David
Cullom, Tristan
Kinzel, Edward

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University of Texas at Austin


The goal of this paper is to evaluate internal defects in additively manufactured (AM) parts using FEA simulation. The resonant frequencies of parts are determined by the stiffness and mass involved in the mode shape at each resonant frequency. Voids in AM parts will change the stiffness and mass therefore shift the resonant frequencies from nominal. This paper will investigate the use of FEA to determine how much a void size, shape, and location will change the resonant frequencies. Along with where the optimal input and response locations are in order to find these frequency changes. The AM part evaluated in this work includes a common tensile bar and hammer shaped part evaluated individually and as a set of parts that are still attached to the build plate.


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