The design, processing, and characterization of group III-nitride diode devices grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition

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Zhu, Tinggang

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The group III-nitride semiconductors are enjoying an ever-increasing research interest from compound semiconductor research community due to their remarkable electrical and optical properties. The advancement of III-nitride systems has affirmed the promise of these materials for the development of various optoelectronic devices. Nitride electronic devices such as Schottky rectifiers and p-i-n rectifiers grown by MOCVD have been studied extensively. The structure design, process development and device characteristics of nitride rectifiers are elaborated in this work. Nitride optical devices such as UV emitters emitting light wavelength between 360 nm and 280 nm have been realized. The detailed study on the device simulation, process refinement and device characteristics for the improvement of device performance is presented in this dissertation.


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