Deformation Post-Processing of Additive Manufacturing Components

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Crane, N.B.
Lusk, C.P.
Nussbaum, J.
Consuegra Reyes, Y.

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University of Texas at Austin


Parts produced by additive manufacturing (AM) often require post processing to improve surface finish and mechanical properties. However, little attention has been given to including deformation in the post processing. Deformation post-processing can address some part size, manufacturing cost, and geometry limitations of 3D printing. Additionally, it could be used to create 3D surfaces using planar manufacturing processes (such as printed circuit board manufacturing). The challenge of deformation post-processing is the design of the correct fabrication state to produce the desired final state and the accurate deformation of the parts to the desired final state. This paper demonstrates the geometric capability, potential applications, and methods for accurately and repeatedly deforming the initial geometry to the desired configuration using features in the parts.


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