Test Plan for Remote Sensing Information Subsystem Products Coastal Applications Test Site

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Finley, Robert J.

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This plan describes map products to be generated from Landsat imagery, airborne multispectral scanner imagery, and aerial photography of a test site on the Texas coast. The objectives in producing these maps are (1) to determine the methodology necessary for developing each type of product, (2) to designate the size, scale, level of detail, and final format of each map within an initial phase of development of remote sensing products, and (3) to designate formal methods of map evaluation, which includes generation of equivalent products from aerial photography. The first two objectives are addressed in this report.

A conceptual design for economic evaluation has previously been developed (Finley, 1979), is included here as Appendix A, and is expanded upon in this report with a description of specific map products to be used for comparison purposes.

The map products and data analysis procedures outlined here are based on (1) objectives outlined in the Applications System Verification and Transfer (ASVT) Project Plan (McCulloch and McKain, 1978), (2) state agency coastal information needs and listings of possible products developed in conjunction with the User Advisory Group, and (3) the Remote Sensing Information Subsystem (RSIS) Level I Design and Design Review documents. As such, the descriptions contained herein are conceptual and are not derived from hands-on experience with Landsat imagery or image processing hardware and software. Present time schedules call for software required for initial analysis of data over the Coastal Applications Test Site (CATS) to be available in November 1979.


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