The Secondary School Writing Center: A Place to Build Confident, Competent Writers




Childers, Pamela B.
Fels, Dawn
Jordan, Jeanette

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The three of us led an International Writing Centers Association-sponsored allday workshop on secondary school writing centers at the NCTE Convention. Writing centers at all levels follow the theoretical background of Bruffee, Murray, Elbow, and North, to name a few. They are not remedial facilities, as some schools would like them to be, or ESL facilities to improve basic writing in English. No, a secondary school writing center is primarily a place where we work with all students, regardless of their innate talent, to build their confidence and competency as writers. Whether we are talking about students who need to fine-tune excellent papers or students who need to discover what they really want to say, a writing center can be a safe harbor within the sometimes stormy seas of the school day. We can think of no better way to reform writing instruction.

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