Potential Sinks for Geologic Storage of CO2 Generated in the Carolinas

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Smyth, Rebecca C.
Hovorka, Susan D.
Meckel, Timothy A.
Breton, Caroline L.
Paine, Jeffrey G.
Hill, Gerald R.

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This document summarizes a scoping study of the current state of knowledge of carbon storage options for our geographic area. The focus is on one aspect of carbon capture and storage—identification of deep saline aquifers in which carbon dioxide (CO2 ) generated in the Carolinas might be stored. The study does not address other aspects of CO2 storage projects, such as capture and compression of the gas, well construction and development, or injection. Transport of CO2 is touched upon in this study but has not been fully addressed. The information contained in this document is primarily from review of published geologic literature and unpublished data. No field data collection has been completed as part of this study. Further work will be necessary to increase confidence in the suitability of the potential CO2 storage sites identified in this report. This study does not address the regulatory, environmental, or public policy issues associated with carbon storage, which are under development at this time.


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Smyth, R. C., Hovorka, S. D., Meckel, T. A., Breton, C. L., Paine, J. G., and Hill, G. R., 2007, Potential sinks for geologic storage of CO2 generated in the Carolinas: The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, final report prepared for Southern States Energy Board and Electric Power Research Institute (http://www.beg.utexas.edu/environqlty/co2seq/pubs_presentations/ CarolinasSummary_16April07.pdf), 14 p. GCCC Digital Publication Series #07-01.