Simplified modeling of shear tab connections in progressive collapse analysis of steel structures

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Heumann, Eric Michael, 1985-

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Recent tragedies involving the collapse of several large and prominent buildings have brought international attention to the subject of progressive collapse, and the field of structural engineering is actively investigating ways to better protect structures from such catastrophic failures. One focus of these investigations is the behavior and performance of shear tab connections in steel structures during progressive collapse events. The shear tab, a simple connection, is typically modeled as a perfect pin in standard design, but in progressive collapse analysis, a much more accurate model of its true behavior and limits is required. This report documents the development of a simple yet accurate shear tab model and its use in understanding the behavior and limits of shear tab connections in column removal scenarios. Particular attention is paid to the connections’ axial force limit state, an aspect of behavior that is typically unimportant in standard design.



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