A comparative analysis of parallel prefix adders in 32nm and 45nm static CMOS technology




Naganathan, Vignesh

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Binary adders form a major part in various arithmetic logical operation units including multipliers, dividers and digital signal processors. Parallel prefix adders represent a set of efficient structures for binary addition, greatly suited for VLSI implementation due to their regularity and speed. This report is focused on the comparative analysis of 5 major types of parallel prefix adder frameworks namely Kooge-Stone, Knowles adders, Brent-Kung, Han-Carlson and Ladner-Fischer adders implemented in Synopsys's SAED 32nm static CMOS technology operating at 1.05V for 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit input vectors based on power, performance and area (PPA) metrics. The process technology is modeled with 9 metal tracks. Power, performance and area metrics based on circuit simulations are used for comparison. The metrics are compared across SAED 32nm and FreePDK 45nm technology to quantify the impact of technology on architecture.



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