Our cool leader : anti-North Korea propaganda

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Lee, Yongmin

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Curious as to how the Kim regime of North Korea could have controlled people for 70 years by making idols of themselves, I felt strongly that I had to do something to end the absurdity and to bring freedom to the people of the country. To this end, I believed the best way is to point out the self-contradiction of Kim Jong-un and his regime, was to present an anti-North Korea propaganda image based on the irrational facts of North Korea. The ultimate aims of this thesis project are: 1) to reveal the true North Korean life and people’s suffering, which is masked behind Kim Jung-un's propaganda and, 2) to send an anti-North Korean propaganda message into its territory. Our Cool Leader: Anti-North Korea propaganda, therefore, was intended to be an audience participation event. An artifact, a satirical bust sculpture of Kim Jong-un, and the related mask performance allowed audiences to explore how North Korea Propaganda works and view the propaganda images of anti-North Korea. In the final act, I intend to send the recorded performance video and anti-propaganda leaflets to North Korea.



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