Characterization of Reservoir Heterogenity in Carbonate-Ramp Systems, San Andres/Grayburg Permian Basin




Kerans, C. (Charles), 1954- 45
Lucia, F. Jerry
Senger, Rainer K.
Fogg, Graham E.
Nance, Hardie Seay, 1948- 
Kasap, Ekrem
Hovorka, Susan D.

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This report summarizes research carried out by the Bureau of Economic Geology's San Andres/Grayburg Reservoir Characterization Research Laboratory (RCRL) from September 1988 through September 1990. The goal of the RCRL program was to develop advanced approaches to reservoir characterization for improved recovery of the substantial remaining mobile oil in San Andres and Grayburg reservoirs. Emphasis was placed on developing an outcrop analog for San Andres strata that could be used as (1) a guide to interpreting the regional and local geologic framework of the subsurface reservoirs and (2) a data source illustrating the scales and patterns of variability of rock-fabric facies and petrophysical properties, particularly in lateral dimensions, and on scales that cannot be studied during subsurface reservoir characterization.

Areas selected for study were the San Andres exposures of the Algerita Escarpment in the northern Guadalupe Mountains and the Seminole San Andres Unit on the northern margin of the Central Basin Platform. The outcrop-analog research was emphasized because it had received little attention before this study by either industry or academe.

Reports in this summary involve (1) outcrop and subsurface geological characterization of the Algerita Escarpment San Andres and the Seminole San Andres Unit (Kerans), (2) correlation of detailed outcrop mapping in order to research cored wells at Lawyer Canyon, Algerita Escarpment (Nance), (3) diagenetic/petrographic analysis of selected upper San Andres facies focusing on the origin of moldic porosity (Hovorka), (4) geologic engineering description of the upper San Andres carbonates at Lawyer Canyon and the upper producing interval at Seminole (Lucia), (5) geostatistical analysis of permeability patterns and stochastic-based finite-difference modeling of the upper San Andres parasequence window (Senger and Fogg), and (6) deterministic finite element modeling of the upper San Andres parasequence window (Kasap).

Availability of basic data for these studies is summarized in the appendix.


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