A flexible display system for embedded applications




Slowik, Matthew Caldwell

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Flat electronic displays are ubiquitous in our environment from small handheld devices to large HDTVs. This report documents the design and development of a flexible electronic display system for low cost embedded applications. The main use of such a device would be in functions where flat displays are too rigid and too brittle to operate, like the emerging wearable electronics sector. A 10cm x 15cm, 224 pixel LED mesh display system is presented as a solution. A complete software stack was created in conjunction with the hardware. On the software side, a Visual Basic application allows users to easily generate image content for the display, five different global motion algorithms permit real time image manipulation, and an AVR assembly procedure handles screen refreshing. Altogether the system weighs 176 grams, can function under normal operating conditions for eight hours before recharging is required, and costs under $85 without volume discounts.



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