Building a Bidirectional Visible Light Communication Link: Challenges and Contributions




Harathi, Pranav

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Visible Light Communication is a new information transmission method that involves sending data through light emitting diodes and photo-diodes via the visible light spectrum. It has strong applications in improving security for IoT (Internet of Things) devices. This paper describes a hardware-first approach to building a visible light communication (VLC) link. A VLC link was designed by choosing the simplest possible circuit and software and then incrementally improving it as challenges such as ambient lighting noise and data rate limitations were encountered. This link was used with two main communication protocols: On-off keying (OOK), and Frequency-Shift Keying. The paper describes a design for a fast, robust system using both protocols that also allows for an adjustable data rate. Because many issues were encountered along the way, the paper presents several possible sources of noise and data rate limitations and how to remove this noise and limitations. Finally, the paper also describes extensions to the design to make it bidirectional, more robust, and faster.


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