Employment and Training Program Performance: Long-Term Earnings Effects and Short-Term Indicators




Geraci, Vincent J.
King, Christopher T.

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


This study assesses the validity of short-term indicators used to predict long-term net earnings effects from participation in employment and training programs. For a sample of about 800 adult women who entered CETA in 1975, net program impacts on participant earnings in 1976-1977 are estimated using an earnings function and comparison group framework, and then the estimated net impacts are employed to assess the short-term indicators. The Continuous Longitudinal Manpower Survey provides the participant data, and the current Population Survey furnishes comparison cases. Among the empirical findings, employment intensity (percentage of days worked in post-program period), by itself and especially in combination with the wage rate, is a highly useful performance indicator to accompany the placement indicator used in current practice.


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