The assembly of inorganic nanocrystals using dynamic covalent chemistry



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Here I show the work accomplished in my graduate career on metal oxide nanocrystals and their assembly into unique gels. Nanocrystals were synthesized using a well-established method that was adapted to improve subsequent functionalization. Collaborations between the Anslyn group led to ligands that were designed for tunable orthogonal covalent linkages between particles. Establishing a well solid foundation for controllable assembly through this collaboration was the goal, along with a better understanding of the system through collaboration with the Truskett lab and the work they do on simulations and theory. Applying what was learned and theorized into studying differences in similar systems for changes to the optical response also became a goal of the work presented. All put together an understanding of the building blocks of assembly, the assembly method, and finally the properties of the assembly are discussed within.



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