Jacqueline Barnitz: 40 Years of Publications

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Barnitz, Jacqueline
Tarver, Gina

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Jacqueline Barnitz: 40 Years of Publications Jacqueline Barnitz is responsible for establishing modern Latin American art as an area of concentration within art history at the University of Texas at Austin, where she has taught now for 25 years. She's a major reason why UT Austin is known as the best place in the nation for studying modern Latin American art. A notable record of publication accompanies her career as a distinguished educator. In fact, her interest in Latin American art goes back to her tenure as an art critic in New York for the periodicals Art Voices (1964-1965) and Arts Magazine (1964-1975). Additionally, she's been the curator of numerous art exhibitions and, subsequently, the author of many exhibition catalogs. In 2000 UT Press published her much-anticipated and seminal book Twentieth-Century Art of Latin America, which quickly became the textbook on the subject. We present this display of selected publications as a tribute to her outstanding contributions to the university and to the field of art history.



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