Low power scan testing and test data compression

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Lee, Jinkyu

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As the size and complexity of systems-on-a-chips (SOCs) continue to grow, test data volume and test power consumption have increased dramatically. A large amount of test data causes long test time and a large memory requirement on the tester. Large power consumption during test can result in high packaging cost and Vdd drop/ground bounce problems. In this dissertation, five techniques for reducing test data volume, test power consumption, or both, are proposed. The first is a new encoding algorithm that can be used in conjunction with any LFSR reseeding scheme to significantly reduce power consumption during test. The second is a scheme for inserting a linear feedforward network composed of XOR gates in the scan chains to reduce power consumption during test by reducing the number of scan shift cycles. The third is a built-in self-test (BIST) scheme that both reduces overhead for detecting random-patternresistant (r.p.r.) faults as well as reduces power consumption during test. The fourth is a technique for improving the compression achieved with any linear decompressor by adding a small non-linear decoder that exploits bit.