The future relationship of print and e-readers

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Barr, Yvette Marie

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The Future Relationship of Print and E-Readers was based on reviewing print formats as they have been, are becoming and could be in the future. This research focused on people's experience with e-readers, tablets, smartphones and laptops. Examining print includes how advertising is processed in different formats. The primary research for this study was done through an electronic survey, after obtaining IRB approval. The results are displayed through different charts and graphs, showcasing the different statistics. There was some cross tabulation as well. In the future, it appears that both mediums could prove themselves valid if they are willing to present themselves as two unique formats that are also able to provide unity to an overall product brand image as well as internal advertising. In the future, the public will be more aware of the different uses of these formats while increasingly using them. Advertising will parallel this trend by increasing as companies grow in utilizing this format to communicate with the public.




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