Late Cenozoic deposits of the Texas Coastal Plain between the Brazos River and the Rio Grande




Weeks, Albert William, 1901-

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In succeeding pages are presented (1) a description of the deposits of the Coastal Plain between the Brazos River and the Rio Grande beginning with the Catahoula and extending upwards through the Recent, (2) a correlation of the up-dip terrace deposits with equivalent formations of the Gulf Coastal Plain, (3) a discussion of the age of these terrace deposits as compared with the glacial scale, (4) an outline of certain fault zones that are involved in the geologic history of the Coastal Plain deposits, and (5) a geologic history of sedimentation during late Cenozoic time. In order to give a clearer picture of the general region, a few paragraphs at the beginning of the paper are devoted to location and general geologic and physiographic setting of the area covered, to the rainfall and climate, to the industrial pursuits of the people, and to the drainage. While a separate chapter covering economic geology might have been desirable, it was felt that, considering the nature of the problem, brief coverage under stratigraphy was adequate