Multi-Site Observations Of Pulsation In The Accreting White Dwarf SDSS J161033.64-010223.3 (V386 Ser)

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Mukadam, Anjum S.
Townsley, Dean M.
Gansicke, Boris T.
Szkody, Paula
Marsh, T. R.
Robinson, Edward L.
Bildsten, L.
Aungwerojwit, A.
Schreiber, Matthias R.
Southworth, J.

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Non-radial pulsations in the primary white dwarfs of cataclysmic variables can now potentially allow us to explore the stellar interior of these accretors using stellar seismology. In this context, we conducted a multi-site campaign on the accreting pulsator SDSS J161033.64-010223.3 (V386 Ser) using seven observatories located around the world in 2007 May over a duration of 11 days. We report the best-fit periodicities here, which were also previously observed in 2004, suggesting their underlying stability. Although we did not uncover a sufficient number of independent pulsation modes for a unique seismological fit, our campaign revealed that the dominant pulsation mode at 609 s is an evenly spaced triplet. The even nature of the triplet is suggestive of rotational splitting, implying an enigmatic rotation period of about 4.8 days. There are two viable alternatives assuming the triplet is real: either the period of 4.8 days is representative of the rotation period of the entire star with implications for the angular momentum evolution of these systems, or it is perhaps an indication of differential rotation with a fast rotating exterior and slow rotation deeper in the star. Investigating the possibility that a changing period could mimic a triplet suggests that this scenario is improbable, but not impossible. Using time-series spectra acquired in 2009 May, we determine the orbital period of SDSS J161033.64-010223.3 to be 83.8+/-2.9minutes. Three of the observed photometric frequencies from our 2007 May campaign appear to be linear combinations of the 609 s pulsation mode with the first harmonic of the orbital period at 41.5 minutes. This is the first discovery of a linear combination between non-radial pulsation and orbital motion for a variable white dwarf.



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Mukadam, Anjum S., D. M. Townsley, Boris T. Gaensicke, Paula Szkody, T. R. Marsh, E. L. Robinson, L. Bildsten et al. "Multi-site Observations of Pulsation in the Accreting White Dwarf SDSS J161033. 64ヨ010223.3 (V386 Ser)." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 714, No. 2 (May., 2010): 1702.