Analysis of information integration benefit drivers and implementation hindrances

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Kang, Youngcheol
O'Brien, William J.
O'Connor, James T.

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Elsevier B.V.


This paper presents an analysis of benefits and hindrances for specific information integration implementations in the industrial construction sector. A tool, developed by a Construction Industry Institute research team, detailed 37 benefit drivers and 34 hindrances that affect information integration implementation efforts. The tool was applied to 16 test cases. Scores from the cases allow analysis of the importance and consistency of factors. Findings reveal that benefit drivers have a certain degree of consistency, particularly around justification to enhance work process benefits rather than broader benefits to project outcomes. On the other hand, there is a much wider range of important implementation hindrances. These findings suggest that each implementation requires a customized approach to address hindrances rather than reliance on generic methods. More broadly, the set of specific benefit drivers and hindrances extends and generalizes the literature on information integration implementation in construction, particularly with respect to the industrial sector.


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