Knowledge-Based Material Production in the Additive Manufacturing Lifecycle of Fused Deposition Modeling

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Auth, C.
Borstell, D.
Anderl, R.

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University of Texas at Austin


The additive manufacturing (AM) lifecycle starts with the material production. This phase has an impact on the AM process and its quality. Nowadays, information concerning material production is not connected to the manufacturing process or the manufactured component. Increasing digitalization enables data acquisition, handling and management. Nevertheless, an integrated data concept for all AM lifecycle phases has not been realized yet. Using information collected during the material production to evaluate component quality and process stability is a huge research gap. Therefore, this paper deals with establishing a data connection between material production and manufacturing phase. Based on the explanation of the AM lifecycle, the identification of key influence factors and their interdependence a concept for a knowledge-based material production in the AM lifecycle of fused deposition modeling is developed. To prove the rationale behind the knowledge-based approach the interdependence between two exemplary key factors is then evaluated experimentally and the result is discussed. The implementation and validation phases contain the sensor plan for the material extruder and the experimental examination of the effects of filament diameter changes on product quality.


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