Consumer perception of brand in social media : 3Es as drivers of brand admiration

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Kang, Jisoo

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In postmodern market, consumers are increasingly exposed to a flood of brands in their everyday purchasing experiences. In an effort to help companies garner a strong and positive brand relationship with consumers, this paper presents an in-depth case study which implemented topic modeling to analyze unstructured contents on Twitter of three energy drink brands: Red Bull, Monster Energy, and Rockstar Energy. The twitter conversation on each brand was collected, preprocessed, and then analyzed in order to infer public perception for the brands. The result provides the insight to increase intangible brand assets such as brand loyalty and brand admiration by examining how much value customers perceive from the current offering of the brand in respect with the benefits of 3Es(enable, entice, enrich). Furthermore, the study reveals the value of topic modeling as a powerful technology to bring out business value from a massive amount of accessible social media data.



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