Launching a High School Writing Center




Silva, Peggy

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We cast a very wide net when we established our high school’s writing center in 2002. The Center’s mission statement promises "to foster an active writing community for all members of Souhegan High School. We had a writing center twelve years ago at our school’s inception, but in that start-up environment we did not have a clear sense of the primacy of this work with student writers. Consequently, we did not retain this position when our writing teacher left the school. Our student population grew from 550 to over 1000, however, and our parents were urging us to dedicate more resources to student writing to support classroom instruction. I left my position as an English teacher on an interdisciplinary, heterogeneous ninth-grade team to become the school’s writing coordinator. We are now working to place our writing center at the intersection of teaching and learning in our school.

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