Rapid Prototyping of Functional Three-Dimensional Microsolenoids and Electromagnets by High-Pressure Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition

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Maxwell, J.
Larsson, K.
Boman, M.

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Three-dimensional laser chemical vapor deposition (3D-LCVD) is an emerging process which bridges the gap between various macro-scale rapid prototyping (RP) systems and microfabrication technologies. With the ability to deposit both metals and dielectrics 3D-LCVD may be used to prototype integrated electromechanical components from sub-micron to centimeter scales. This technological niche is increasingly important with the ever-decreasing size and sophistication of consumer and industrial products. The objective of this work was the development of functional microsolenoids and electromagnets, using 3D-LCVD as the primary fabrication tool. High-aspect-ratio microsolenoids have the potential to generate much greater magnetic-field densities than their thin-film counterparts,l and have many advantages when used as actuators in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).2 3D-LCVD provides a means of fabricating such helical structures, with an ease unparalleled by any lithographic or rapid prototyping process.


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