Mobile home park redevelopment & the loss of unsubsidized affordable housing : transit planning & endangered parks in the City of Austin

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Turner, Sandra Lynn

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This report is intended to shed light on mobile home parks as valuable contributors to the affordable housing stock throughout the United States, as well as in Austin, Texas. In many areas of the country, mobile home park losses to redevelopment have already been proven as problematic. While Austin has not experienced excessive park loss as of yet, as planning initiatives and development trends continue to effect property values, some of Austin’s mobile home parks may be at risk of redevelopment, which leaves the already vulnerable, and typically low-income residents at risk of losing homes and social networks. This paper evaluates current planning pressures in Austin, most specifically the addition of new rail routes, as having the potential to the affect property values of certain mobile home parks; therefore putting them at risk of redevelopment. Recommendations for protection and support of these parks are offered at the local and state level.



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