Trayectos 2: Más sobre mí



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Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning


Trayectos ( is an open educational resource (OER) for novice learners of Spanish developed by Dr. Gabriela Zapata (University of Nottingham, UK) and a team of graduate and undergraduate students from Texas A&M, with the support of COERLL at UT-Austin. Users are free to adapt the content and to share derivatives with others thanks to Trayectos’ open license (CC-BY-SA). A first-year curriculum that emphasizes the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world, Trayectos includes authentic digital media as well as a two-volume print textbook (available either as a PDF or as a hard copy book). In keeping with its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Trayectos follows the Multiliteracies pedagogy referred to as Learning by Design (Kalantzis et al. 2005, 2016). In this approach, learning is described as a dynamic process involving four main knowledge actions: experiencing, conceptualizing, analyzing, and applying


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