Analysis of Core Data-Kinder Morgan SU 228-4A

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The Kinder Morgan SU 228-4A well, located in the south part of Sacroc field, Scurry County, Texas, was cored between the depths of 6,989 and 7,009 ft. The basic objective for this study is to describe the saturation profile in the bottom Sacroc reservoir. In other words, is there a transition zone or a residual oil zone (ROZ) at the base?

Porosity and permeability were measured on core plugs, and a cross-plot of the results is illustrated in figure 1. The core was slabbed, and a basic core description prepared (fig. 2). The core is mainly a fossil wackestone with two thick beds and one thin bed of grain-dominated packstone (gdp) and one debris-flow interval. Some of the wackestone is highly stylolitized with associated tension gashes. Gdp beds are interpreted to be grain flows into deep-water muddy sediment. Thin sections were prepared from the ends of the core plugs; however, they are of poor quality and only a basic description was done to validate the core description.


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