Single Part Tracking Enabled by Fluorescent Polysecure Tracing Particles in Am Parts

Gartner, P.
Krischke, N.
Benfer, M.
Bender, M.
Lanza, G.
Fleischer, J.
Dost, G.
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Traceability is widely recognized as a core enabler of many industry 4.0 technologies. The necessary identification of products is often realized through label-based systems, but tracing products with particular geometric constraints that prohibit the use of such systems remains an issue. A promising alternative of label based identification is the pattern based identification. This contribution portrays a novel method to utilize fluorescent particles integrated in polymer-based products and optical pattern recognition to facilitate the identification of products with specific geometric constraints. The particles are integrated into the polymer and the unique random distribution of fluorescent particles triggered by an LED flash is used to recognize individual products. To demonstrate the approach, polymer-based gear wheels were printed using ARBURG plastic freeforming and an automatic identification system was designed. The presented approach could be a reliable alternative to other surface-structure-based approaches for product identification and enable comprehensive tracing of components throughout value-chains.