Beyond First/Last Mile Active Transportation - BikeShare@UH




Alonso, Julio
Vargas, Jesus
Li, Daniel
Elizarraras, Abraham
Hoang, Tony
Vu, Khanh
Patterson, J.
Palwala, Mohammad
Maldonado, Marco
Isago, Masaki

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American Society for Engineering Education


Bike sharing is a new green transportation solution that has been developed and adopted at various cities around the world. In this paper, we present the process and results of the design and prototypes that a group of undergraduate students developed for a BikeShare@UH program during Summer 2017. After presenting the detailed results of four project teams focusing on customer discovery, bike share station (BSS) location identification, cloud-based mobile computing platform for user engagement and bike share program operation and management, smart lock, and alternative energy source based on PV panel. With the phase one implementation at the University planned in Spring 2018, we anticipate gathering real time data and feedback to improve the system.


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Alonso, J., & Vargas, J., & Li, D., & Elizarraras, A., & Hoang, T., & Vu, K., & Patterson, J., & Palwala, M., & Maldonado, M., & Isago, M., & Aranda, M., & Trinh, L., & Huynh, T., & Nguyen, T., & Ly, B., & Huang, J., & Malki, H., & Yuan, X. (2019, April), Beyond First/Last Mile Active Transportation _ BikeShare@UH Paper presented at 2018 ASEE Gulf-Southwest Section Annual Meeting, AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, Austin, TX 78705.