An Algorithm-Based Method for Process-Specific Three-Dimensional Nesting for Additive Manufacturing Process

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Arndt, Alexander
Hackbusch, Heike
Anderl, Reiner

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University of Texas at Austin


To achieve optimal and high-quality results through additive manufacturing, the process-and technology-specific orientation and positioning of components within the virtual space, the so-called nesting, is essential. Primarily the nesting step is examined in this paper. From a scientific perspective it is a matter of examining this process and furthermore to analyze the optimal insertion of supporting structures, since the critical machine-specific parameters have been insufficiently studied. Within this paper a new multi-criteria optimization based on a conceptual algorithm is proposed. The most important point is the consideration of a technical and not only geometric nesting process. The objective is the demonstration of restrictions and boundary conditions and a first developing for a new approach for the nesting process. As an example, the influence of the orientation of the spring rate is presented with a sample component here. Furthermore, there will be a prototype implementation and a short validation. Finally, a brief conclusion and an outlook is given.


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