Para Conocimiento de la Jefa del Area III, October 8, 2007




De Francesco, Virginia
Maiztegui, Cristina

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A six-page memo or list of items. Title translates to "For the knowledge of the boss of Area III." It is on letterhead of the “Defensor del Pueblo de la Nación, Republica Argentina” (Defender of the People of the Nation, Republic of Argentina). It begins with information summarized from a technical report from UGAAM, “Unidad de Gestión Ambiental de la Actividad Minera” (Unit of Environmental Management of Mining Activity). It continues with information from the Secretary of Environment of the Province of Jujuy. It then states that “to get first-hand information I spoke on the phone with” Dr. Graciela Bovi Mitre, and includes her phone number and mentions the group INQA. Mitre questions the seriousness of the environmental remediation. The document mentions Dr. Barriga from Mexico and his suggestions. The document also suggests contacting Susan García, a medical toxicologist with the Ministry of Health of the Nation. The document is signed by Virginia De Francesco, of “Area III.” At the end of the document is a handwritten note, apparently written by Dr. Cristina Maiztegui, with her signature and a stamp with her name and title: “Boss (or Head) of Area III, Defender of the People of the Nation.” The handwritten note is dated October 8, 2007 (“8-10-07”).

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