Dynamic thermal-mechanical-electrical modeling of the integrated power system of a national all-electric naval surface ship

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Holsonback, Christopher Ryan

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The goal of this thesis is to develop a dynamic, thermal-mechanical-electrical model of the integrated power system (IPS) of a notional all-electric ship. This model will serve as a baseline for future testing of novel thermal management technologies and architectures to identify tradeoffs, improve system-level efficiency, and increase the capabilities of the ship. The IPS modeled in this work is based on the DDG 1000, including gas turbine engines, synchronous generators, a simple electrical distribution system, motor converters, propulsion motors, fixed-pitch propellers, and a ship hull. First, an initial estimate is made of the waste heat generated by components of the IPS at a variety of steady state ship speeds using known component power range and efficiency characteristics. Generator scheduling is utilized to minimize fuel consumption. This initial waste heat estimation serves as a reference for the dynamic modeling that follows. Next, the techniques and assumptions used to develop dynamic models of the IPS components are presented in depth. Each model typically evolves from an initial steady state version to a dynamic version through several iterations, and the dynamic response is validated based on data available in the literature. Finally, the IPS component models are integrated into a single model and dynamic results for two ship-maneuvering scenarios are presented. Interesting thermalmechanical- electrical dynamics are discussed in depth. Comparison is made to the initial waste heat estimation, and the agreement is found to be excellent. Crashback results are compared to data from the literature, and reasonable agreement is found. Conclusions drawn from the development of the IPS model are presented, as are recommendations for future work that build on this baseline system.


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