A Film Fabrication Process on Transparent Substrate using Mask Projection Micro-Stereolithography

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Jariwala, Amit S.
Ding, Fei
Zhao, Xiayun
Rosen, David W.

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In this study, a Mask Projection Micro-Stereolithography (MPµSLA) process with the ability to cure a film of various thicknesses on transparent substrates is presented. Incident radiation, patterned by a dynamic mask, passes through a transparent substrate to cure photopolymer resin layers that grow progressively from the substrate surface. When compared to existing Stereolithography techniques, this technique eliminates the necessity of recoating, reducing process time and improving accuracy. A film of varying thicknesses can be fabricated on flat or curved transparent substrates. Models of the optical system and resin cure are developed and reported. An existing MPµSLA process planning method is being extended to account for radiation transmission through a substrate. The models are verified using experiments.


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