EtherLux, a low power wireless display




Hocker, Andrew Edward

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Real time information is essential in many businesses and as a method to inform employees and consumers, so that they can make informed decisions. In offices, warehouse and stores it can be advantageous to have tens to hundreds of smaller displays to deliver a variety of information. This paper details the design, implementation and testing of a wireless low power solar powered display system as a solution to deliver real time information. The system uses an Organic LCD to maintain an image for years on no power and uses very little power to update and refresh the display. The system uses off- the-shelf components to achieve multiple updates per day and, with the right lighting conditions, can perform up to one refresh per minute. The system is entirely powered by incandescent light, has a built in radio, and utilizes capacitors to store charge and deliver power, removing the need for rechargeable batteries. The wireless signal works at 2.4GHz and uses the low power 802.15.4 protocol to send and receive data at a range of 75 feet. It has no observable issue operating in environments with 2.4GHz wireless signals, such as 802.11g. The whole system can be built for under $75.00, and takes up an area of 6" x 8" including the photovoltaic cells.



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