Case study assessment of 3D and 4D modeling techniques for early constructabilty review of transportation projects

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Schmeits, Cameron William

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Transportation projects are unique projects that have many issues such as ROW acquisition, traffic control, and utilities. To help solve some of these issues projects should utilize constructability. Over the past 25 years research on constructability has consistently shown to have substantial cost and schedule benefits. To fully obtain those benefits, constructability should be utilized from the very beginning of the project at the conceptual planning phase. One of the tools to support implementation is 3D and 4D visualization. The benefits and applications of 3D and 4D for transportation project research is still lagging behind building projects. This thesis aims to provide a frame work for how 3D and 4D visualization could have an impactful role if used in the early planning and design process. Two case studies are used for developing that frame work, the Woodall Rodgers Deck Plaza and the Eastern Extension of President George Bush Turnpike projects in Dallas, Texas. Information taken from interviews of Texas Department of Transportation staff are used to develop a list of issues for each project, as well as the impacts those issues have had on the project. For each of those issues a proposal of how using 3D and 4D visualization could help mitigate those issues when implemented during the early planning phases.



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