Research Reports from the Programme for Belize Archaeological Project

dc.contributorAtwood, Kirsten
dc.contributorAylesworth, Grant
dc.contributorBrewer, Jeffrey
dc.contributorBria, Rebecca E.
dc.contributorCackler, Paul R.
dc.contributorDavis, Peter
dc.contributorGoldstein, David J.
dc.contributorGrazioso Sierra, Liwy
dc.contributorHageman, Jon B.
dc.contributorHanna, Jonathan
dc.contributorHouk, Brett A.
dc.contributorHyde, David M.
dc.contributorKavountzis, Erol
dc.contributorKing, Eleanor
dc.contributorMartinez, Maria
dc.contributorMatthews, Leah
dc.contributorNg, Olivia
dc.contributorPrasarn, Nahum
dc.contributorRodriguez, George
dc.contributorShaw, Leslie
dc.contributorTaylor, Christine
dc.contributorThornton, Erin
dc.contributorWhitaker, Jason M.
dc.creatorValdez, Fred Jr
dc.description.abstractTable of Contents: Programme for Belize Archaeological Project: Recent Investigations / by Fred Valdez Jr. (p.1-8) -- Archaeological Research at Holotunich, 2006 / by Olivia Ng (p.9-14) -- Overview of Activities at the Medicinal Trail Site for the 2006 Season / by David M. Hyde and Fred Valdez Jr. (p.15-22) -- Report on Investigations of the Preclassic Settlement at Group A of the Medicinal Trail Site / by David M. Hyde and Kirsten Atwood (p.23-34) -- Excavations at Subop B, Medicinal Trail / by Liwy Grazioso Sierra (p.35-40) -- Excavations at the Medicinal Trail Site: Operation 7 – Structure A-2, the 2006 Season / by George Rodriguez (p.41-50) -- Evidence of Quarrying Around an Isolated Platform Mound at The Medicinal Trail Community / by David M. Hyde and Maria Martinez (p.51-28) -- Report of Excavations from the 2006 Season: Operation 11 at the Medicinal Trail Site / by Jason M. Whitaker (p.59-70) -- Excavations of a Depression (Op. 10), at The Medicinal Trail Site: Report of the 2006 Field Season / by Jeff Brewer (p.71-82) -- Ballcourt and Residential Terrace Investigations at Chawak But’o’ob, Belize: Report of the 2006 Rio Bravo Archaeological Survey / by Stanley Walling, Peter Davis, Jonathan Hanna, Leah Matthews, Nahum Prasarn, Christine Taylor, and Erol Kavountzis (p.83-92) -- Seeds, Shells, and Sites – Research in Northwest Belize: Report of Investigations form the 2006 Field Season / by Jon B. Hageman, David J. Goldstein, and Erin Thornton (p.93-108) -- Maax Na: Layout and Function of a Maya City: Report on the 2006 Field Season / by Eleanor King and Leslie Shaw (p.109-116) -- Qualm Hill: Reconnaissance, Rediscovery, and Mapping / by Paul R. Cackler, Stanley L. Walling, David M. Hyde, Fred Valdez, Jr (p.117-126) -- Results of the 2006 Investigations at Say Kah, Belize / by Brett A. Houk, Grant Aylesworth, Liwy Grazioso Sierra, Rebecca E. Bria (p.127-150) -- Appendix A: 2006 Say Kah Ceramic Data (p.151)en_US
dc.description.departmentTexas Archeological Research Laboratoryen_US
dc.publisherThe University of Texas at Austinen_US
dc.relation.ispartofCATS Research Reportsen_US
dc.subjectprehistoric Mayaen_US
dc.titleResearch Reports from the Programme for Belize Archaeological Projecten_US

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