Research Reports from the Programme for Belize Archaeological Project

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Valdez, Fred Jr

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The University of Texas at Austin


Table of Contents: Programme for Belize Archaeological Project: Recent Investigations / by Fred Valdez Jr. (p.1-8) -- Archaeological Research at Holotunich, 2006 / by Olivia Ng (p.9-14) -- Overview of Activities at the Medicinal Trail Site for the 2006 Season / by David M. Hyde and Fred Valdez Jr. (p.15-22) -- Report on Investigations of the Preclassic Settlement at Group A of the Medicinal Trail Site / by David M. Hyde and Kirsten Atwood (p.23-34) -- Excavations at Subop B, Medicinal Trail / by Liwy Grazioso Sierra (p.35-40) -- Excavations at the Medicinal Trail Site: Operation 7 – Structure A-2, the 2006 Season / by George Rodriguez (p.41-50) -- Evidence of Quarrying Around an Isolated Platform Mound at The Medicinal Trail Community / by David M. Hyde and Maria Martinez (p.51-28) -- Report of Excavations from the 2006 Season: Operation 11 at the Medicinal Trail Site / by Jason M. Whitaker (p.59-70) -- Excavations of a Depression (Op. 10), at The Medicinal Trail Site: Report of the 2006 Field Season / by Jeff Brewer (p.71-82) -- Ballcourt and Residential Terrace Investigations at Chawak But’o’ob, Belize: Report of the 2006 Rio Bravo Archaeological Survey / by Stanley Walling, Peter Davis, Jonathan Hanna, Leah Matthews, Nahum Prasarn, Christine Taylor, and Erol Kavountzis (p.83-92) -- Seeds, Shells, and Sites – Research in Northwest Belize: Report of Investigations form the 2006 Field Season / by Jon B. Hageman, David J. Goldstein, and Erin Thornton (p.93-108) -- Maax Na: Layout and Function of a Maya City: Report on the 2006 Field Season / by Eleanor King and Leslie Shaw (p.109-116) -- Qualm Hill: Reconnaissance, Rediscovery, and Mapping / by Paul R. Cackler, Stanley L. Walling, David M. Hyde, Fred Valdez, Jr (p.117-126) -- Results of the 2006 Investigations at Say Kah, Belize / by Brett A. Houk, Grant Aylesworth, Liwy Grazioso Sierra, Rebecca E. Bria (p.127-150) -- Appendix A: 2006 Say Kah Ceramic Data (p.151)


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