Low-frequency and Moiré Floquet engineering: a review

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Rodriguez-Vega, Martin
Vogl, Michael
Fiete, Gregory A.

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We review recent work on low-frequency Floquet engineering and its application to quantum materials driven by light, emphasizing van der Waals systems hosting Moir´e superlattices. These non-equilibrium systems combine the twist-angle sensitivity of the band structures with the flexibility of light drives. The frequency, amplitude, and polarization of light can be easily tuned in experimental setups, leading to platforms with on-demand properties. First, we review recent theoretical developments to derive effective Floquet Hamiltonians in different frequency regimes. We apply some of these theories to study twisted graphene and twisted transition metal dichalcogenide systems irradiated by light in free space and inside a waveguide. We study the changes induced in the quasienergies and steady- states, which can lead to topological transitions. Next, we consider van der Waals magnetic materials driven by low-frequency light pulses in resonance with the phonons. We discuss the phonon dynamics induced by the light and resulting magnetic transitions from a Floquet perspective. We finish by outlining new directions for Moir´e-Floquet engineering in the low-frequency regime and their relevance for technological applications.



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