A Technique for Determining the Carrier Phase Differences between Independent GPS Receivers during Scintillation

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Mohiuddin, Shan
Humphreys, Todd E.
Psiaki, Mark L.

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A method for recovering the carrier phase differences between pairs of independent GPS receivers has been developed and demonstrated in truth-model simulations. This effort is in support of a project that intends to image the disturbed ionosphere with diffraction tomography techniques using GPS measurements from large arrays of receivers. Carrier phase differential GPS techniques, common in surveying and relative navigation, are employed to determine the phase relationships between the receivers in the imaging array. Strategies for estimating the absolute carrier phase disturbances at each receiver are discussed. Simulation results demonstrate that the system can rapidly detect the onset of scintillation, identify one non-scintillating reference signal, and recover the carrier phase differences accurate to 0.1 cycles.


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