Static Mixing Nozzles for Long and Short Fiber Additive Extrusion Processes

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Smith, Tyler
Copenhaver, Katie
Lamm, Meghan
Brackett, James
Kumar, Vipin
Hershey, Christopher
Joslin, Chase
Lindahl, John
Tobin, Jim
Rodriguez, Brittany A.

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University of Texas at Austin


Additive manufacturing is conventionally used to create structures by extruding plastic or metal layer by layer. In the case of polymer processes, fibers are typically added to increase stiffness and reduce warping during building. The length of the fiber exiting the nozzle can impact the overall mechanical properties of the structure. Using long fiber pellets can increase the starting length of the pellets to help increase the average fiber length coming out from the extruder. However, extruded long fiber materials tend to have low fiber alignment and high porosity leading to poor mechanical properties. By blending long fiber and short fiber resins using a static mixing nozzle, consolidated beads can be created to produce more stable and solid structures while adding a fixed amount of long fiber into the extruded bead to increase mechanical performance.


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