Caminos de la Villa : a case study in civic advocacy through crowdmapping




Radtke, Alexandra Rose

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The availability and ease with which digital platforms and maps can now be made offers a unique tool for informal communities. Many informal communities have never been “officially” put on the map. Now they can do so through the use of new digital mapmaking and crowdmapping tools. By controlling these maps, they control the narrative of these maps, creating a new tool for communicating with official authorities and people outside the community. This report reviews the directions this trend has taken in the context of Latin America and summarizes some of the key factors that have helped such projects succeed or limited their success. While the focus is on digital crowdmapping platforms that address infrastructure problems, the analysis can potentially serve to inform additional applications of this tool. The majority of analysis centers on the Caminos de la Villa project in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where six different stakeholders in the project were interviewed.


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