The Association Between Teen Dating Violence and Suicidal Behavior: Risk Factors, Theoretical Frameworks & Clinical Implications




Roy, Ananya

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Teenage dating violence (TDV) and suicidal behaviors are prevalent and serious issues that impact adolescents in the United States. Despite the gravity of these issues, data regarding the relationship between teenage violence victimization and subsequent suicidal behavior within adolescent populations is limited as most studies tend to focus solely on adult relationships. This study evaluates the association between different types of TDV and suicidal behaviors using data from the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). This research also is attempting to replicate previous research that adolescents who experience relationship violence are more than twice as likely to consider and attempt suicide than peers who have not been previously victimized (Belshaw et al., 2012). Our findings indicated that adolescent victims of both physical and sexual TDV have a higher risk of developing suicidal ideation, planning a suicide attempt, attempting suicide and having an injurious attempt. Implications for physicians on how to address TDV are discussed.


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