Sharir Dance Company presents Eiko & Koma in performance with Sharir Dance Company: de la nuit...le jour; March 25, 1989



Performance at the Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX. Once upon the south, far away from time... Tale One - The Wordless Streams. Tale Two - Dreamtelling the Quicksand. Tale Three - The Wood Echoes. Tale Four - The Second Skin. Tale Five - The Lizard's Domain. [Eiko & Koma not recorded.] Choreography: Yacov Sharir and Jose Luis Bustamante. Dance Company: Sharir Dance Company. The Teller: Jose Luis Bustamante. The Tales: Andrea Beckham, Maurice Dancer, Jennifer Denham, Lynne Grossman, Stephen Marcello, Heywood "Woody" McGriff, Charles Santos, Kate Warren. Music: Tamia-Pierr Favre. Lighting: Amarante Lucero. Costumes: Michaele Hite and Gaye Bowen. Archive Copy, 2nd gen VHS; Original at Trav Sys.


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