Exploring a design justice strategy to design a platform supporting teacher training in Colombia’s Escuela Nueva




Ospino Aguilar, Ana Carolina

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How can technology support teacher training practices in the context of Colombian rural pedagogies? This report will address three main strategies to answer this question. First, it aims to describe the reality and limitations of high-quality education in the Colombian rural context, which includes multidimensional poverty, inequality, the digital divide, and the lack of support and training for teachers in the most segregated and oppressed territories. Second, this report will recognize the community strategies that are working to improve educational quality in rural areas. Notably, it focuses on the most influential pedagogical model in Latin America, Escuela Nueva. Positive perspectives of this model include the adoption of validated academic approaches such as student-centered learning and constructivism. However, critical perspectives highlight some burdens in design, lack of integration with technology, and insufficient teacher training on a large scale. The final part will address how community initiatives with a technological design can help close identified gaps. I will discuss strategies that include strengthening the community of rural teacher practices, compiling a repository of examples and materials, and providing training support for teachers in pedagogical strategies and thematic content for primary schools.


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